A New Chapter

We’ve worked on some extremely interesting projects in the past few months, including the launch of an e-commerce store (or two), a full-scale rebrand for a global business consultancy, and branding work for a new venture in Sheffield set to establish the North as a major player in the tech industry.

It’s safe to say we’ve been a little busy, and we’re incredibly grateful for this, especially during such tumultuous times, but it was also important for us to carve out some time where we could focus on our future and apply the same attention that we give to our clients to ourselves.

That’s why you’re reading this on our brand new website.

We’ve developed a lot since our old site was launched, and it really didn’t reflect the business we are today: we’ve added in the new services we offer, updated our portfolio, created a renewed reputation section, and refined our brand elements across all our assets, both internal and external.

We’re incredibly excited about the new chapter we’re entering as a business, and from a professional and personal level we’d both like to thank those that have made it possible to be here.

So thank you to our clients, new and old, and welcome to the new site!

Fred & James x