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I’m very happy to report that I’ve now graduated with merit from my degree with an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics.

I started studying in late 2020, eager to further my industry knowledge and delve into the world of data, which is fast becoming an integral tool for businesses of any size.

Studying whilst maintaining my work responsibilities and growing the company was hard, but with the support of our fantastic team and clients I managed to get through and complete the course without too many tears…

So, What Did I Study?

My course was broken into 4 modules, along with a capstone project. 

The Modules I took were:

• Strategic Thinking in Digital Marketing

• Communicating in the Digital Age

• Driving Insight from Data Analytics

• Digital Change, Innovation and Disruption

My capstone project was on internal marketing implementation.

Each of these modules enabled me to take the theory I was learning and directly apply it to the real world of business, be that through Wilkes Wood or the various clients who were happy to be involved.

This greatly expedited my learning, and I was able to immediately see what the most useful elements of my education were, how to best wield them, and what this would mean for our clients and ourselves.

So, What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

I now have a much greater understanding of marketing strategy when it comes to the digital world – this has enabled me to think more holistically when talking to clients, and I feel like we are much better placed to help clients get the absolute most out of our services.

All we care about is helping businesses grow and succeed, and furthering my understanding of strategy and being in an environment where phenomenal mentors were advising me on implementation has already shown great returns for ourselves and our clients.

I believe the course has also enabled me to better communicate with clients regarding data, analysis and performance reporting.

I know exactly what metrics/KPIs to set for a variety of channels, goals and contexts, and feel extremely confident in accurately measuring performance and reacting positively and proactively to data reports. 

I also took the opportunity to learn as much as possible about team management, leadership and internal marketing.

I deeply care about the people I work with, whether that’s our team or our clients, and want to ensure I am always furthering my own ability to foster an environment that gets the best out of all of us whilst promoting the values, ethos and culture we are all driven by.

That’s a very long winded way of saying I think undertaking this Master’s has made me much, much better at my job. That’s good news for everyone, I hope!

What’s Next?

I will continue to push myself to learn as much about the industry as possible, but I think university is a closed book for now.

I am finding great enjoyment in learning from great mentors that I have around me, and have plenty of short courses, industry reports and tutorials at my fingertips to keep pushing me forward.

I also am blessed with a job that enables me to take a deep look inside businesses of all shapes and sizes and across nearly every sector imaginable, so the amount I am able to learn from our clients is absolutely incredible – so thank you for that!

On the topic of thanks, I’d like to extend mine to James for being the best business partner I could ask for, as well as my close friends and family who constantly encourage me to push myself and develop.

I look forward to using this knowledge and experience to bring our clients better results and, as is our mantra, help you grow.

Follow me on LinkedIn if you’d like to be kept in the loop with what I’m learning and reflecting on…

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