Intuitive Infrastructure Solutions

Intuitive Infrastructure is an exciting start-up in the IT infrastructure space, offering services across cyber security, connectivity, cloud services and storage. We partnered with Intuitive to design, develop and launch their brand.

ServicesWebsite, LogoIndustryIT SupportYear2023

Website Overview

Project Details

Brand Elements

We worked with Intuitive to develop a variety of brand elements; this included a significant refinement of a logo concept, selecting of colour palettes and font pairings.

Dark Mode

Intuitive’s industry is a crowded space, full of sprawling and busy websites clogged with endless copy. Intuitive knew they wanted to be different and gave us a simple brief: make it dark, sleek, and above all, intuitive!

We created a stunning Web3-inspired dark-mode site with a focus on smooth navigation, accessible information and prominent calls-to-action.

Emails & Documents

We supported Intuitive with a variety of other assets, including managing the set-up of their emails, the design and installation of custom email footers, document headers, and more.

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