Want to scale your e-commerce business? We're here to help - whatever you need to sell, however you need to sell it.


Want to scale your e-commerce business? We're here to help - whatever you need to sell, however you need to sell it.

Sell what you want, how you want.

The e-commerce industry is growing at a staggering rate every single year. This means more opportunity for you and your business, but it also means dealing with more competition.

Our job is to help you develop & optimise your online store to promote valuable conversions, turning intrigue into revenue and casual purchases into loyal customers providing consistent income. That’s how you stand out from the crowd.

*89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor e-commerce experience.

*Source: WebFX

We have a diverse e-commerce offering suitable for any type of online retail.

Whether you are a physical store looking to expand online, a drop-shipping start-up trying to leverage your niche, or an existing e-com business seeking to optimise your presence, our in-house team have got you covered.

Mobile matters.

*74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites

*Source: WebFX

*67% of users are more likely to buy from a company that is mobile-friendly.

*Source: WebFX

*61% of Online Retail Traffic Comes From Mobile

*Source: Statista

Our Offering

Complex Stores

Our e-commerce stores are capable of meeting complex requirements. You can sell in multiple currencies, mix physical and digital products and services, offer different product variations, use industry leading integrations and apps such as Klarna, implement personalised promotional codes, shipping options and much, much more.


Our experienced e-commerce specialists have hands-on experience with creating successful online dropshipping businesses. This expertise means our team can utilise a range of platforms such as Shopify to integrate leading dropshipping marketplaces, like AliExpress and CJ Dropshipping, to deliver a smooth and professional experience from start to finish.

Single Product Stores

An expertly designed single product store can encourage higher conversion rates as all traffic is led toward one store and one product. It also removes the need to manage and market multiple products and gives incredible clarity to your brand.

Core Features

Responsive Design

One third* of all online purchases in the UK are made on mobile, and over **70% of consumers will switch from a poorly designed mobile site to a competitor’s. Responsive design is imperative to any success in the e-commerce space, which is why our design process is mobile-led. Your website will be optimised across all screens and tested to ensure however your visitors reach you, they can browse, purchase and interact seamlessly with your website.

Source: The Circular Board
Source: **Google

Store & Page Optimisation

Our expertly designed stores are optimised for driving sales and converting visitors into customers. From home to product pages, a fluid landing experience and comfortable navigation is essential for any e-commerce brand looking to strike success in this highly competitive market. Bad UX loses a business *35% of potential sales on average – that’s a lot of money to pick up from the table using carefully considered design.

*Source: Amazon

Fast Loading

When it comes to your online store, page speed is critical for driving conversions. *70% of consumers say that site speed directly affects their willingness to purchase, and slow-loading websites lead to over £2 billion in lost revenue every single year. That’s why we prioritise speed and optimise your store accordingly, ensuring your conversion rate isn’t hindered by a bloated shopping experience.

*Source: UnBounce
**Source: WebFx

Usability & Support

Easy to Manage

We work with some of the world’s largest and most trusted content management systems to ensure your website is easy to manage and update. No matter how much experience you have with websites, we can teach you how to get the most out of your store. We also offer store management packages if you’d like assistance on a more regular basis.

Analytics & Reporting

You will have access to powerful analytics insight through the Shopify CMS and world-class integrated analytics tools. For those that want help turning data into insight, our ongoing support packages include detailed monthly reports examining the source of your web traffic, product performance and market details about your customers. These regular performance meetings are crucial to monitoring KPIs and ensuring your site stays optimised to your audience’s needs.

Ongoing Support

We offer a selection of ongoing support packages to our clients, giving you the freedom to choose a package that suits the needs of your business as it grows and develops. Our support packages can provide ongoing assistance with setting up new products, website monitoring, plugin updates and a monthly analytics report, as well as general website maintenance.

Our Process

Ensuring you have a fantastic project experience matters just as much to us as the quality of the final product we hand over. 

E-commerce can feel like a complicated beast, that’s why we’ve designed our process framework to accommodate everyone from seasoned e-commerce professionals to those getting their first taste of selling online.

First, we take the time to fully understand your business objectives and products so that we are certain we are starting from a place of unity and know what direction is best suited to the needs of you and your online store.

Every online business is unique – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a successful e-commerce website. We carefully research your industry, competitors and information gathered during the discovery phase to produce a plan of action and low fidelity wireframe to help us clarify what information is to be presented.

Once a wireframe and general site structure has been established, we turn our focus to the appearance and user experience of your website. Our design process begins and ends with creating a positive experience that converts visitors into customers.

The next stage of our process involves implementing our design into a functional and fully product integrated store.

In the back-end of your website, we carefully follow best practices to ensure your website is fast, mobile friendly and search engine optimised. Stock control, pricing, introducing multiple currencies and payment processing is handled at this stage.

Our e-commerce websites are developed to be easily managed by our clients. We provide you with training on how you can manage your shop so that you are comfortable managing it after completion.

Built-in analytics tools mean you can easily view your website and sales performance, and custom integrations allow you to create special offers, sales, launch marketing campaigns, discount codes and update product details in minutes.

You also have access to a range of aftersale support and SEO packages, should you want to invest in keyword driven content to drive organic traffic to your website.

A word from our clients

We work hard for our clients and pride ourselves on the the reputation that we’ve built. We have over 35 five star reviews on Google, and counting. Our clients express the powerful impact and support that we can provide in a way that we never could.

It's been a positive and professional experience.

I am very happy with the way the guys took our brief and quickly turned it into live websites. It’s been a positive and professional experience every step of the way. And a relationship that’s set to continue.

Simon Green – Commercial Director, Tudor Drinks

It's been a positive and professional experience.

I am very happy with the way the guys took our brief and quickly turned it into live websites. It’s been a positive and professional experience every step of the way. And a relationship that’s set to continue.

Simon Green – Commercial Director, Tudor Drinks


Every e-commerce website is unique in size and scope, so it is difficult to give any sort of generalised time-frame to a project without accessing further information. We always discuss deadlines in our initial meeting, so if there is a pressing launch date it is really important that we know before starting work. We will never commit to a hard deadline we aren’t sure we can make and will talk to you about how you can help us stay on-track and keep the project running smoothly.

Without understanding your unique requirements, we can’t provide an accurate quote for an e-commerce website. We set out to create truly bespoke websites and every online store varies considerably in complexity. However, as a rough guide, a simple one-product store tends to start from £2000; exceptions can be made for smaller budgets with limited specifications, such as landing pages and redesigns.

Yes. Once the development of your e-commerce website is complete, we will begin a handover process which includes demonstrating the functionality of your store.

We are committed to seeing our clients grow and succeed, which is why we offer several affordable support packages so that you can receive ongoing assistance whenever you need it.

You will not be locked in to using Wilkes Wood as your web design agency and can move or transfer the site as you wish. In addition, you can easily manage which individuals and agencies have access to your store through the Shopify CMS.

We are more than happy to investigate issues and look into developing solutions for existing sites, yet these may be limited by the choice of theme or previous development work. We take these projects on a case by case basis and will always discuss options with you after auditing the current state of the store or site.

What Now?

All of our e-commerce projects start with a free no obligation chat. That gives us the chance to discuss where you are now, where you want to be, and how we can get you there…

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