The David and Jane Richards Family Foundation (DJRFF) is a charity founded by tech giant David Richards MBE alongside his wife, Jane. It is dedicated to educating, empowering and improving the lives of children. We were tasked with creating a new logo, design language and web presence for the charity, so that it further appealed to its target demographics, provided a seamless user experience for the parties involved, and had scope to grow alongside their services.


“Thoroughly recommended! DJRFF worked with Wilkes Wood on a logo and web design project – communication was excellent throughout, both James and Fred were always very responsive and went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy with every step of the process. Delighted with the final results.”

Emily DreimannProject Manager
A photo showing a MacBook screen with DJRFF icons on there

Building a Visual Identity.

We worked with DJRFF to create a visual identity from scratch. This included developing a logo and accompanying illustrations to bring life to their website, marketing campaigns and educational material.

Downloadable Resources.

Educational resources are at the heart of DJRFF’s website. We created a resource index that enables teachers and organisations to familiarise themselves with DJRFF’s content. These can also be password protected and released as part of a resource pack that is only for registered users.

Screenshot of the DJRFF website team page
A screenshot of the DJRFF website and icons

An Animated Response.

As an organisation aiming to inspire children to be creative and engage young minds with technology, we knew that the DJRFF website had to incorporate elements that bring the screen to life. We worked on animations to create a more playful digital experience for site visitors.

Easy to Manage.

DJRFF is a fast growing organisation that needs to be responsive to the needs of their audience – this meant that their website had to be easy for their team to manage and update. We built the website on Squarespace and avoided using any complex code blocks anywhere that may require frequent updates. In addition, we trained staff members to manage all functions of the website and its marketing suite.

A screenshot of the Squarespace blog back end