Poseidon is a high-tech speciality chemical recycling company focused on bringing an end to single use plastics. We worked with their team to create a logo design that reflected this mission, distilling their ethos, message and goal into a simple, versatile design.

Final resolution of Poseidon plastics logo

“We contacted Wilkes Wood for help with a logo for our company Poseidon Plastics. They were able to work to our brief quickly and efficiently, delivering our logo in short order.”

Matt AtkinDirector
A photograph of six men in an industrial environment wearing hard hats and protective overalls

An Important Mission.

Being in a clutch situation and winning against the odds is what makes for the most exciting moments in Esports. This state is about adrenaline, focus and alertness. Playing with this concept, we embodied this state of awareness in a logo design that shows an eye with a dilated pupil.

Complex Development.

We presented a number of concepts to Poseidon throughout the development phase. Working closely to feedback, we created a logo that represented their business fully in its current state and would continue to do so as they achieve their growth targets.

Icons showing the development of the Poseidon plastics logo