REIM Capital is a London-based specialist bridging lender. We worked with their team to develop a refined brand visual identity and launch a powerful new website, complete with striking illustrations and sleek, elegant design.


Visual Refinement

We worked with REIM to refine their visual identity. Using their existing logo and brand guidelines as a starting point, we developed improved brand visuals and tightened up all assets, ensuring that all touchpoints were impactful and visually cohesive.

Custom Illustrations

With the REIM Capital website, we wanted to strike a balance between a modern and sleek feel whilst folding in a “heritage” touch. Utilising the latest AI technology, we were able to create unique and cost-effective custom illustrations to thread throughout the website, bringing a touch of refinement to the page content.

Intuitive Display of Information

With a site like Reim Capital’s, we knew we’d be working with a lot of stats, information, and downloadable PDFs. Whilst designing our initial wireframe, we put a lot of consideration into where and how information should be displayed to be accessible and intuitive for the user, ensuring the final site offers a fantastic UX.