Sladen Consulting is an international business consultancy specialising in coaching, facilitation and building high performing teams. We worked with Richard, Sonja and the core team to help develop a brand identity across all modalities, including presentation design, website design, video editing and more.


“Fred and James have been a pleasure to work with. Their work on our website has been innovative, clear and excellent quality. They’re full of wonderful ideas and are extremely quick to respond to requests and help with any queries and requests. I would highly recommend Wilkes Wood.”

Anna ThompsonBusiness Manager
Sladen consulting project banner with wavy shapes in the background

Visual Overhaul

‘Evolution, not revolution’ was our original brief. We carefully tweaked existing logos, typography and colours to bring personality to the Sladen, working closely with Richard and Sonja. Later we began to introduce some more radical changes, spurred on by the client. Namely, introducing a new custom typeface handwritten by the Richard, Sladen’s Founder.

Formalised Brand Guidelines

After working so hard on development, Sladen wanted to ensure that their brand remained consistent across all modalities. We created a set of comprehensive formalised brand guidelines to protect the Sladen brand, as well as concise versions relating to specific uses, such as client presentations, to make it easy for their team to stay within the rules.

Brand guidelines for Sladen Consulting showing Logo variants
A screenshot of Sladen Consulting website skill bite menu

Content Rich Blog

Sladen’s core team wanted to have a blog space they could share industry insight and celebrate company milestones. We created a blog with a crystal clear secondary navigation menu and a beautifully simple layout.

LinkedIn Optimisation

As a business consultancy, LinkedIn is an incredibly important tool for Sladen to interact with their clients and generate new leads. We held in-depth tutorials for core team members and shared our knowledge on content creation & strategies for growth. We also designed new visual assets for banners and profile pictures and ensured the company page was fully optimised.

A screenshot of Sladen Consulting's LinkedIn page
A screenshot of a zoom call with multiple participants

Video Production

Video is a huge part of the Sladen website; it allows the personality of Richard, Sonja and the team to shine through and immediately communicate that this is not like the boring, stuffy consultancies you might be used to. We completed a huge amount of videography for Sladen, ranging from editing existing footage into impactful films to remotely directing, filming and producing full videos during the pandemic.

An Ongoing Partnership

Support and Maintenance – Richard, the founder of Sladen Consulting, has described us as “Partners in Growth”. We are on hand to create content and marketing materials to help Sladen reach their ambitious targets, as well as provide insight and support where it is needed. We really feel like part of the Sladen family and look forward to many more years working with their incredible team.

A screenshot of Sladen Consulting website video content