TM Barber is a family owned jewellers in the Isle of Wight. Looking to move into e-commerce and grow her business online, we worked with Theresa and her team to develop a Shopify store solution that showcased the quality of her products and reach new audiences beyond the island.

A screenshot of TM Barber website story page

Easy to Manage, Easy to Grow.

Theresa required the store to be easy for her staff to learn, manage and grow amongst completing their other duties at the physical store. We ensured that every process was done in the most efficient way possible, and provided a recorded training session going over everything from adding new products to processing orders.

Product Photography.

We organised professional product photography for TM Barber’s array of gorgeous jewellery. By matching the quality of visual elements to the quality of their products, the website immediately conveys the incredible standard of stock on offer.

A photograph of a woman with painted fingernails wearing two necklaces and an autumnal jumper
A screenshot of TM Barber website menu

Custom Illustrations.

Focusing on the instantly recognisable blue of TM Barber’s storefront and packaging, we have thread illustrations throughout the website to capture the personality and appeal of TM Barber’s high street location and bring life, colour and personality to the website.