New SEO & E-Commerce Services

There’s a certain temptation when starting a small agency to try the jack of all trades approach – as natural problem solvers it can feel hard to resist trying to help a client in an area of business that they are struggling with, but it’s important to know where your strengths lie and delivering inconsistent results isn’t beneficial to anyone in the long-run. 

Since founding Wilkes Wood in 2018, trying to match consistency across our offering has been at the forefront of our approach. We’ve stuck to our rule of ensuring we only provide services we are certain we can deliver on and possess the experience for, to meet the versatile needs of our clients.

In light of this, I am very proud to announce that we have recently added two capabilities: e-commerce and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). These are driven by the experience and expertise of Tom, our new in-house specialist.

Tom cut his teeth as a marketing executive for an industry leading manufacturer, gaining exposure to a wide array of marketing functions; from traditional print and advertising to cutting edge digital marketing. Becoming fascinated with the world of e-commerce, he left after a couple of great years to use his skills for his own projects, developing successful e-commerce brands and refining his capabilities along the way.

Like Alex, our photography and videography partner, Tom shows a real entrepreneurial flair and this is why we thought he’d be such a great fit for Wilkes Wood. In order to understand our clients and their needs to the fullest extent, it’s only right that each of our team members have a real passion for business as well as specialist knowledge in their respective fields.

Our e-commerce capabilities are suited to a wide range of businesses, from those needing simple single product stores to those with more complex requirements, including dropshipping.

SEO is something that we have always focused on for our site builds, yet Tom brings a new level of experience to this complex field, allowing us to offer a range of additional SEO services including ongoing maintenance and content creation packages. 

Our ambition with Wilkes Wood is to help small businesses achieve bigger things. Adding to our team and service offering grants us a bigger toolkit to solve problems with, and help drive growth for you and your business. 

Please visit our services page for more information.

With love,


Why your Google Business Profile Matters

Formerly known as “Google My Business”, your Google Business account gives you the ability to appear on Google Search, Maps and Shopping with a personalised profile, boosting your visibility across a range of Google services.

Creating a profile is free and allows you to add vital information to help turn casual searchers into new customers, like your business hours, photos and videos of your goods/services, and latest offers. Here’s a little more about why we think Google Business profiles are so important:

Get Discovered across Google

If my car broke down and I needed the number of a local mechanic, there’s a high chance that I’d pull out my phone, head to Google, and search “Mechanic near me”. I could then see what businesses were operating nearby, how well they’re reviewed, their opening hours and perhaps even their fees. But only if they had a Google Business account.

This is why your profile is so important. As a space to represent your business, potential customers can access information that tells them where and how they can use your services and is a really vital step in improving your local SEO.

A 5 Star Service

Google reviews are an incredibly important part of building trust and reputation online, and over 60% of customers say they use Google reviews as part of their decision making when looking to buy. 

Google Business allows you to showcase your credibility by pushing customers to review your services, allowing future profile visitors to see how real people have experienced your business and get a good first impression. As a business, you can reply to all reviews (whether favourable or unfavourable) and provide more context or just say thanks, and you can also flag any false reviews or spam reviews with Google through your account.

Google also now give you the ability to share a direct link with customers and clients, taking them directly to your page to ensure it’s as easy as possible for them to leave their feedback.

Valuable Insight

Google Business is also a powerful tool in understanding how people find you, and offers insight into keywords used to find you, as well as data on reviews and other elements that give you more knowledge on how you’re connecting with your customers and clients. 

Your account gives you the ability to track performance over an adjustable time period, and further allows you to break down insight across:

  • Views on your listing
  • How your listing has been found
  • Where your listing has been found
  • Actions taken on your listing (website visits, phone calls, etc)

Getting the most out of your profile

Like all business profiles, whether they be on social media or search engines, Google Business accounts need to be optimised to work in the most effective way. 

Here are just a few of the ways a profile can be optimised:

  1. Completing all parts of the profile – fully complete profiles are more than twice as likely to be visited than incomplete ones.
  2. Successfully verify your location – verifying your location ensures Google knows you are not a spam account and increases your chances of appearing for local searches on maps.
  3. Great quality images and videos – this is a space for customers to get a feel for your business, so avoid using stock photography. Investing the time into getting real photo/video content of your business that is high quality ensures the best chance of a good first impression.
  4. Keyword optimise – your Google Business profile gives plenty of space to write about your business and its services, so make sure they’re optimised for the keywords people are likely to search for!
  5. Get reviews – promoting and encouraging reviews ensures that your business looks like it is getting a steady stream of customers and also signifies to searchers that your service is high quality and trusted.

There are also ways to further optimise your profile depending on industry and requirements, such as adding menus and stunning photos of food for restaurants and cafes or check-in/out times for hotels or BnBs. 

I hope you’ve found this useful for your small business. For those that want to fully optimise their profile, but are unsure how to proceed, get in touch to talk about how we can help. 

We also offer other SEO services designed to drive traffic to your website.

Looking forward to hearing from you –

Fred x

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to an SEO strategy that is designed to improve the visibility of your business in local search results on Google. If your business has a brick and mortar location or specifically serves a target geographic area, then local SEO is for you – with 46% of searches on Google seeking local information and 97% of people learning more about local businesses online than anywhere else, you can’t afford to miss it.

As Google has evolved, it has come to realise that some searches are really looking for results in close geographic proximity – if you search “MOT Garage” and you’re in Sheffield, the chances are that search results showing mechanics in South Wales won’t be of much use. In fact, 72% of consumers will visit a store within 5 miles of them after a local search, and nearly 20% of mobile local searches result in an offline purchase the very same day.

This is why Google’s algorithm takes your geographic location into account when trying to find matches for searches made with local intent. Excitingly, Google uses two separate algorithms for the main search results page and their “map pack” results, giving your business the opportunity to appear on both simultaneously and maximise visibility when matched with a query.

There are a variety of ways that you could improve your local SEO, such as:

  • Optimising your Google Business Profile
  • Optimising your website
  • Auditing and analysing your competitive search landscape
  • Implementing a local link building strategy

We find with many of our clients the best place to start is by setting up and fully optimising their Google Business Profile – read our blog on this topic for more insight, or get in touch to find out how we can help.