919 Clinic was in need of a new website that reflected their use of cutting edge clinical technology, not to mention the expertise of their practitioners and wide breadth of treatments on offer. We created a simple, clean website that fits seamlessly into their current branding, with a focus on unique treatments and informative copy.


Wilkes Wood have just finished developing my new website. They were able to understand what I was trying to ask them even though I just didnt have enough knowledge to frame my questions coherently. They seemed to know what they could do for me and just got on with it with a minimum of fuss. great people to work with. I highly recommend them.

JohnFounder & Lead Physio
A screenshot of 919 Clinic website treatment page

Accessible Information for Patients.

Being in a clutch situation and winning against the odds is what makes for the most exciting moments in Esports. This state is about adrenaline, focus and alertness. Playing with this concept, we embodied this state of awareness in a logo design that shows an eye with a dilated pupil.

Vouchers & Clothing Design.

We have worked on many graphic design projects for 919 Clinic, notably the design and production of their popular gift vouchers for treatments as well as staff uniforms. We organised all aspects of design, production and delivery and continue to do so for the clinic’s needs.

A mock up of gift vouchers made for a physiotherapists
A screenshot of Google Analytics graphs and charts

Marketing Tools & Analytics.

As a local business, 919 Clinic wanted to be able to dig into demographics and other analytics to know if their marketing efforts were targeting the right audiences. We trained staff to utilise Squarespace’s analytics suite for quick insight and also hold regular meetings to deep dive into data with John and his staff to monitor performance of various campaigns.