Capital Enterprise are the UK’s foremost startup experts. They are dedicated to accelerating the UK’s startup ecosystem by working with a diverse membership of investors, universities, local authorities, accelerators, incubators, and enterprise agencies across the nation.

We were tasked with developing a comprehensive corporate rebrand, delivered within a two month timeframe. We designed all assets in-house, on-time and on-budget.

Graphic Design

A Comprehensive Overhaul

We collaborated closely with the client to redefine their visual identity, culminating in the creation of an updated logo and cohesive brand identity. Our comprehensive project delivery included:

  • Logo Design, Font Selection and Colour Palette Development
  • Iconography
  • Logo Animation
  • Brand Assets Pack
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Business cards & Letterhead Templates
  • Social Post Templates, Logos, and Header Images
  • Presentation Decks
  • Report Templates
  • Event Invitations
  • Merchandise Designs
  • An All-encompassing Brand Standards and Usage Guide

Wilkes Wood are a dream to work with – full of great ideas, responsive, incredible work ethic. We used them for a major corporate rebrand and are incredibly pleased with the result. Recommend them wholeheartedly for branding, design, and web dev.

Ben Casement-StollHead of Communications

Logo Development

Capital Enterprise have a long and renowned operational history, and as such they possess a fantastic reputation and great brand recognition in their industry. Our role was to evolve and elevate their logo design, all whilst ensuring existing brand recognition did not go to waste.

An Updated Web Presence

With a more comprehensive rebuild scheduled in with us for later this year, we have designed a temporary holding site to bridge the gap between new and old, showcasing the updating brand direction and giving the Capital Enterprise team somewhere they’re proud to direct traffic towards.

Graphic Templates

Spanning everything from social media posts to board presentations, all Capital Enterprise team members have easy access to fully bespoke graphic templates, empowering them to seamlessly uphold a consistent and cohesive brand identity whilst delivering their best work, internally and externally.

Merchandise & Marketing

Whether it’s a hoodie to wear to the office with pride or a fully branded stall for conventions, we delivered a wide range of designs for assets across the merch and events space, ensuring the team can always look and feel their best wherever they end up!

Brand Guidelines

With any major rebrand, ensuring a consistent new identity is always the challenge. To help the Marketing and Communications team roll out these changes as efficiently as possible, internally and externally, we have created a set of comprehensive brand guidelines and usage guides. These help ensure any partner, team member, designer or collaborator, now or in the future, can easily adhere to the new brand identity and continue to promote a fully consistent brand across all touch-points.