Every day, youth workers across England play a pivotal role in transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people. The National Youth Agency stands at the forefront of this movement, recognised as the Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) for youth work within the country.

Our collaboration with them involved a comprehensive update of their website, helping the largest Youth Work charity in the country to further their mission and amplify their impact.


A Considered Journey.

With a site of this size, and with multiple stakeholders and user groups, it was imperative that we fully understood each segment of potential visitors and addressed their wants and needs.

We achieved this by combining our detailed discovery process with careful analysis of available analytics data, enabling us to identify areas where UX could be greatly improved.

This led to a raft of design changes, focusing on enhancing site-wide navigation to ensure information and resources are easily accessible, utilising sidebars, dynamic sections, tables, and bespoke resource libraries.

The result is a site that feels intuitive to use for every user, enabling swift access to vital information, all in a digestible format.

Bespoke Interactive Elements

We wanted to ensure that our work brought the NYA brand to life, helping create a dynamic and modern feel to match the ambitions of the organisation itself.

As part of this, we worked on some key bespoke interactive elements that put some energy into tired resources. A key example of this can be found on the Curriculum page, where we developed a fully interactive and responsive wheel to convey an otherwise text heavy set of information in a digestible and accessible format.

Working Within Constraints.

As an existing brand with plenty of heritage, we had to ensure that our design work was in-line with NYA’s brand guidelines and that all creative output presented a cohesive front that was recognisable to those already familiar, and welcoming to those just discovering their work.

Working closely with their communications team, we were able to elevate their existing brand assets without straying too far in either direction, creating a website that is instantly recognisable as NYA, whilst also packing in some dynamic and fresh design work to establish a more modern look and feel.