Clutch is a talent agency specialising in the competitive Esports sector, representing players and coaches and providing insight and advice on contracts, team sourcing, and performance coaching. We worked with Clutch to develop a logo and accompanying visual identity, as well as a single-page website showcasing their team, values and service offering.


Wilkes wood provided us with a fantastic service building our website and creating our logo and branding from scratch. They took our abstract thoughts and produced some really clean and good looking branding which was exactly what we were looking for and really captured the essence of our brand. The website was created quickly and exactly to specification, and works perfectly. All in all it was an extremely positive experience, fast work that was right the first time round. They listen intently to their clients and follow through exactly, joining the dots intuitively where our brief may have been lacking in information. I can wholeheartedly recommend Wilkes Wood if you're looking for a website or logo/branding.

Sam ForrestFounder, Clutch Agency

A Logo With Focus

Being in a clutch situation and winning against the odds is what makes for the most exciting moments in Esports. This state is about adrenaline, focus and alertness. Playing with this concept, we embodied this state of awareness in a logo design that shows an eye with a dilated pupil.

A Site With Style

Working within the structure of a single-page scrolling layout, we created a sleek website with a dramatic Web3-inspired visual presence. To avoid cluttering the site with text-heavy sections, information is accessible by the user through ‘click-to-expand’ functionality, all leading to a get-in-touch CTA.