TIRES + TERRAIN was born from a profound enthusiasm for cars and the automotive world. Launched in 2022 by Simon Cousins, who relocated from the UK to Vancouver, Canada, the platform aims to engage others with his passion through crisp articles and inventive media. It focuses on innovative engineering, craftsmanship, and the bond between humans and machines, celebrating the essence of what makes automobiles fascinating.


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Simon CousinsBusiness Owner

Getting up to speed.

We worked alongside Simon to develop a cohesive visual identity for his new automotive blog. Under Simon’s instruction we built a minimalist design system to allow the stunning imagery and words to do the talking.

An optimised web presence

Simon sought our advice ahead of setting up his blog, he was keen to understand the best practices for producing content on his site. We check in regularly as we look to develop domain authority as the website progresses.

If you’re interested in all things automotive then you can take a look at Simon’s site for yourself.

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